How Trump’s Global Gag Rule and Budget Cuts Will Harm Women and Communities

Just three days after taking office, the Trump-Pence administration imposed a massively expanded Global Gag Rule, applying the policy to all of U.S. global health assistance. On March 16th, the administration proposed a 31% cut to USAID and the State Department for the FY 2018 budget, which would put family planning, global health programs, and millions of lives in jeopardy. Fourteen days later, the administration took action to defund UNFPA, the lead U.N. Agency providing contraceptives supplies to low and middle-income countries, and the only agency providing critical reproductive and maternal health supplies to women in humanitarian emergencies.These sustained attacks on global health have been concentrated on those least able to defend themselves–women, girls, and other vulnerable populations overseas.

View our infographic to learn more about the harmful impact of these policies and funding cuts.

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