What is the Global Gag Rule?

On January 23, 2017, Donald Trump reinstated and expanded the Global Gag Rule—a policy that forces foreign NGOs to choose between receiving U.S. global health assistance and providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care. Providers must agree not to provide information, referrals or services for legal abortion or to advocate for the legalization of abortion in their country with their own non-U.S. funds.

The Global Gag Rule is not a ban on U.S. funding for abortion overseas, because U.S. foreign aid is already restricted from being used for abortion services. Projects impacted by the policy are ones funded for contraceptive access, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, nutrition and other global health efforts.

Previously—but no longer—known as the Mexico City Policy, the legal name of the policy is now “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance.”

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